14 Holiday gifts for travellers and adventure-seekers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to get creative with thoughtful gifts for all our loved ones. If you have friends or family members who are heading somewhere exotic this holiday season, or even visiting a local destination, why not surprise them with novelty Christmas gifts for travellers and adventure-seekers? We’ve outlined our top 14 below, so start exploring! (Thinking of going on holiday yourself? Click here to discover four reasons why you should.)

gifts for travellers

Stocking-fillers and Christmas gifts for travellers:

1. Duffel Bag

An essential item for every traveller – the duffel bag is a great choice of Christmas gift for holiday-makers. Choose practical bags with pops of personality to suit each of your loved ones this festive season.

2. Suitcase tag

Colourful and distinctive with patterns aplenty, suitcase tags are useful gifts for travellers who are about to hop on a plane. And they’re so easy to fit in a stocking, too.

3. Toiletry bag

Something we all need for our holiday excursions, toiletry bags make fine gifts for the whole family. Find bags that strike the perfect combination of functional and quirky for each of your loved ones.

4. Binoculars

If your loved ones are adventuring into the bush this holiday season, consider gifting them binoculars. A quality pair is bound to come in handy for animal spotting!

gifts for travellers

5. Compass

Another great gift option for adventure-seekers – a vintage compass will add old-school charm to any jungle expedition.

6. Travel diary

If your loved one enjoys quiet time alone, perhaps give them a travel diary this Christmas. Anyone with a flair for writing would appreciate a special notebook to jot their thoughts in.

7. Backpack

Every explorer needs a backpack, especially if hikes and day trips are on the agenda. Choose this gift for your loved one if they love to get out and active.

8. Active socks

Also suitable for outdoorsy types, active socks can be a fun Christmas gift – especially when bright, bold and quirky in their design.

9. Polaroid camera

Who doesn’t love an instant memory? Polaroid cameras are wonderful gifts for both adults and kids, allowing them to snap pics wherever they go. They are also easy to fit in your hand luggage – bonus!

gifts for travellers

10. Scrapbook

Perfect gifts for travellers with creative souls, scrapbooks make documenting holidays fun. Especially if you have lots of pictures to work with. If you choose this gift for your loved one, remember to include stickers, scissors and glue!

11. Travel wallet

Organised types will appreciate the practicality of a travel wallet. Choose one that is easy to use and convenient to pack for a winner of a Christmas gift.

12. Sunglasses

If you know your mate’s style like the back of your hand, why not give them a nice pair of sunglasses for their trip? You can go full-on funky with the design, or stick with a traditional look, depending on their preference. 

13. Travel pillow

When travelling on a plane, a comfy travel pillow can make the trip go a lot faster. Choose quality pillows for your loved ones’ Christmas gifts if you know they have an overnight plane ride coming up.

14. Eye mask

Last but not least, an eye mask also makes a great stocking filler for those travelling by plane. And with so many funny one-liner and beautifully patterned options available, you can choose personalised masks for every special traveller in your life.

gifts for travellers

Choosing gifts for travellers and adventure-seekers is fun

When you’re buying Christmas gifts for travellers, you can take them in so many directions. We hope our list has provided some inspiration this holiday season.

Going on an adventure yourself? Book travel accommodation through Vacation Letting. And if you’ve decided to stay at home this year, have fun with these DIY Christmas crafts.

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