5 reasons you should book self-catering holiday accommodation

Everybody loves a good holiday, full of amazing experiences and opportunities to make lasting memories. But not everyone can afford fully-catered getaways. And some people just prefer saving money on food when going away, so they can spend it on other things. This is where self-catering holiday accommodation comes in, offering money-saving benefits and so much more. If you’re considering the self-catering route, read up on its many benefits below. You might just find that self-catered accommodation becomes your holiday preference going forward.

Benefits of self-catering holiday accommodation:

1. You can save money

It goes without saying that catered holidays are expensive. And simply put, the better the food, the more you pay. A huge benefit of self-catered holiday homes is that they usually come at a much lower cost than catered holiday packages, saving you money that you can put towards experiences and souvenirs from your trip. 

2. You can enjoy more spacious rooms 

If you’re prepared to buy and cook your own food and snacks on your getaway, you can take advantage of the larger rooms and higher ceilings that often come with self-catering holiday homes. This is a huge plus for bigger families and friend groups looking to share holiday accommodation. Rest and relaxation, here we come!

3. You’ll have control over meals and when you eat

In hotels and catered lodges, you have to conform to regular, scheduled meal times. This is restrictive, to say the least, and puts you at risk of missing a meal (which is bound to happen if you’re prone to sleeping in and having afternoon naps). With self-catered holiday homes, you can decide when you eat – and sleep as much as you want!

4. You can enjoy more privacy

We’re sure you are no stranger to the communal eating hall or mass breakfast rush. When you’re staying in catered holiday accommodation, you often have to sit and eat in the same room as other people staying in the vicinity. Whatsmore, your meal times can feel a bit too structured and restaurant-like, which not everybody wants on a relaxing trip away. So, if you’re not keen on a communal dining experience, the privacy of self-catering will give you the space and seclusion you’re after. 

5. You can experience local food

When breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t all mapped out for you by a catering service, your meal times become an opportunity to explore local cuisine and discover dishes you’re never heard of or tasted before. Food becomes an adventure – who knows what you’ll be having next? If you’re keen to experience local flavours and foods to your heart’s content, then self-catering holiday accommodation is definitely the preferable choice. 

To cater or self-cater. That is the question.

Are you a local-food enthusiast who likes a little extra space and privacy on your trips away? Then booking self-catering holiday accommodation might be the right choice for you. Take a look at our beautiful apartments in Mosel Bay, St Lucia, and Amanzimtoti that are all fully-kitted and self-catering, and perhaps plan your next trip away.

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