About Us


Estrizest was founded by a well-known man – Johan Cloete. He started Estrizest in 2010 with the intention to buy property and rent it out monthly at affordable prices to cater for all types of markets. This was going well and in 2013, Shannon joined the team. Her life-long dream has been to always join the tourism industry in way or another and while renting out properties monthly was making ends meet, she had a vision to tap into another market.


Like all businesses, we have a vision which is our sole purpose for the business. We aim to eventually have a huge portfolio of properties so that whenever guests need somewhere to stay, you can come to our site and look at your options for all the various provinces/areas. However, our goal, while providing many establishments at your disposal is to still maintain personal relationships with each and every guest. We want each guest to feel valued and special and not just like a number. That is what will make us stand out from the rest!

Vacation Letting

In late 2016, we tested our vision out on one property – Unit 22 Waterberg. We successfully learnt the ropes of the hospitality industry and realised we were doing something fabulous. We converted a further 3 more properties into holiday letting units and haven’t looked back since. We created Vacation Letting and now the two-work side by side.


Currently we have a portfolio of 4 properties. They are scattered across South Africa. Our aim is to provide guests with many establishments to choose from but all establishments must be up market, luxury accommodation that must fit our strict criteria. The establishments will be kitted out with all the luxuries to make your holiday as comfortable as we can possibly make it. We want luxury accommodation for the price of standard accommodation – and that is what we aim to provide!