Choosing a happy life: making the new year count

Have you recently taken an inventory on your life? Not to assess achievements or compare yourself to others but as a personal check-in. Are you living a happy life? Yes, this is a loaded question, but the importance of measuring you, your world and immediate environment can be more beneficial than you might think. Discover what to look at and how to adjust them in this guide to a better year ahead.

Channel a happy life

Oh, happiness. This state of being can often seem elusive to those experiencing hardship and stress. However, even in times of difficulty, it is possible to create a positive lifestyle and, ultimately, a happy life. While holidays are exciting and the benefits of going on vacation are immense, the importance of mindset and a happy life are just as, if not more, crucial.

To understand the keys to a happy life, delve into these best lifestyle practices you can begin immediately.

How to live a happy life

1. Put the “I” in your decisions

While it is a great trait to be selfless in the world of today, you also need to put your true feelings in the centre of your decision making. Why? Decisions need to align with the better judgment that radiates from your gut feeling, your intuition. Everyone has that little voice that speaks up every now and then, make sure you listen to it. A lot of unhappiness is avoidable when you follow your inner compass and stay true to yourself.

2. Live a life led by love

Being motivated – compelled by a desire to do a thing. And hopefully, that desire for the love of doing the task. Every day, whether it is your job, your activities or a hobby, should have time allocated for the love of it. Making sure not to let your lifestyle become a victim of passivity and a lacklustre routine. Strive to make time for what you love to do.

3. Foster a healthy environment

Do you ever feel out of sync with the atmosphere you are in? For people who identify as extroverts or introverts, either will struggle with a space that jars with their personality type. To best create the situation you thrive in, avoid places that will suppress or strain you. Ideal environments – whether in a social, work or academic setting – will lead you to not only being your best self but also finding people you will feel at ease with.  

4. Pick your pals, not enemies

After your environment – consider the people you surround yourself with, especially those closest to you. Friends can have a huge determining factor in how you spend your free time, influencing your character and habits. Find the people who resonate with you. They create a support system that will respect and cherish you for who you are, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Find your true crew.

5. Understand the need for a challenge

The human spirit flourishes in the advent of a challenge. The pursuit of a quest fulfilled is not just loved in stories, but a central part of human nature. Make sure to align your happiness in the present, doing what you can and not setting it on a destination in the future. The process of a challenge develops growth and a sense of earning happiness through accomplishment. Being rewarded by happiness during the process – that is something we can all get behind.

6. Add adventure to your life

Allow for routine to get shaken up now and then. Living a fully predictable, planned out life can dampen the thrill of spontaneity. Finding the balance between creating a safe space and experiencing an adventure in the little things leads you to live your life to the fullest. Appreciate the moment and when the chance comes, maybe consider doing something different for a change. You might have a grand adventure!

7. Vulnerability as authenticity

Instead of trying to conform or hiding imperfections, embrace and accept yourself. Your experience with love, friendship, yourself and even your creative outlets are all attached to a sense of vulnerability. Part with those pretences, be yourself and allow your authentic being to set you free. It’s a lot more comfortable than you think it is.

It’s your life – make it a happy life

We wish the best in the near year ahead and want the best for your happy life journey. If you would like to make time for reflection in a home away from home, contact us for more on our self-catering resorts.