Dad’s top 5 fun activities to do at the beach

Everybody loves a beach day. But we bet no one loves it more than good old Dad, especially if he’s the outdoorsy, active type. (Discover the benefits of beach holidays.) With so many fun activities to do on the shore and in the waves, you better believe Dad has made a mental list of what he’d like to do the next time the fam goes on a beach holiday. And it probably looks a little something like this.

Fun activities Dad will love to do at the beach:

1. Swim in the surf

Isn’t swimming in the sea the best part of going to the beach? Bobbing in the swells, diving under waves, floating in the calm current – there’s nothing like taking a dip in cool, salty water. Dad will probably agree, and hop into the shallows many times during one trip. He might like to take a boogie board out and float around on it too, or, if it’s a particularly calm tide, relax on a blow-up tube. It can be so peaceful just floating, and taking in the beautiful scenery. So, why not join him next time you’re at the beach?

2. Go snorkelling

If you’re packing for a beach trip and see Dad reaching for the goggles, odds are he has one thing in mind. Snorkelling! Exploring coral reefs and tidal pools can be a lot of fun, as you never know what wonderful creatures you might come across. So, if Dad wants to go snorkelling, pack your snorkelling kit too. Trust us, you won’t regret it. And it will be a great bonding experience for the two of you. Spotting fish and identifying their species might become your new thing, like bird watching, but in the sea. (Learn more about packing for a beach holiday.)

3. Cast a line

What man hasn’t attempted fishing at some point in his life? If your dad is a keen angler, there’s no doubt he’ll be taking his rod along for your next beach holiday. Sitting on a rock overlooking the waves and waiting for the next tug on your line can be both a therapeutic and thrilling experience. Sea fishing is fun to do alone, but can be even more enjoyable if you have company. So why not make a family event of it the next time you go to the beach? Big or small, anyone can learn a thing or two about reeling in a live one!

4. Surf or bodyboard

Surf’s up! Many dads love to surf, and love touching their kids how to surf too. Standing up on a board can be a real feat, and so dads take pride when their little ones do it for the first time. If surfing’s not for you, but you’d still like to spend time with Dad doing the thing that he loves, why not offer to be his surf photographer? You can sit on the sand and watch him hang ten while you snap awesome shots of him in action. 

5. Play a sport on the sand

Beach frisbee, catch, mini cricket – you name it, and Dad will be all over it. Most men like to do things, and not just sit back and spectate. So, suggest that Dad take along some of his fun activities the next time you go to the beach. Playing a sport in a group is a great way to interact and bond as a family, and will surely make Dad smile from ear to ear. 

Make Dad’s (beach)day with fun activities

In honour of Father’s Day, think about fun activities Dad will love to do at the beach, and start planning a family holiday around them. You’ll probably find that you like doing these activities with him, and start looking for other meaningful ways to spend time together on holidays.
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