Enjoy your staycation with these fun home activities

Feeling cooped up at home? If so, why not turn your time at home into a staycation? There’s plenty you can do to keep yourself entertained and in good spirits. All you need to do is be resourceful – there’s a potential activity around every corner of your home, we’re sure of it. You just need to look.

Our favourite things to do on staycation: 

1. Home spa day

Relaxation and spa days go hand in hand. But you don’t need to go to a fancy resort to reap the rewards. Stay home and set up a spa in your bedroom and bathroom. You can relax in a warm essential oil-infused bath with tea-light candles flickering on the side. And if you want to feel extra-pampered, you can give yourself a salt scrub and apply a clay mask to your face. You can even pop some cucumbers over your eyes for that luxurious feeling. Whatever treatments you decide to do, just be sure take some time for yourself and lie back for a good long soak in the warm, aromatic water – there’s nothing more relaxing. (Gents, don’t be shy – your skin could also benefit from a soak and a scrub.)

After you hop out of the bath, guess what? The staycation spa day continues! Whip out those tweezers and stand in front of the mirror. If your eyebrows are looking a bit wild, give them a good plucking, making sure you shape them evenly on both sides. And next, you can get to work on your finger and toenails, trimming them, buffing them, and painting them your favourite colour. Now, doesn’t this sound like a great way to spend the day? We think so. And if your partner’s around, giving each other back massages would be the cherry on top!

2. Work out with online videos

When spending a lot of time at home, it’s important to keep active. Need the motivation to get yourself off the couch and into your trainers? Head online. There are plenty of group workout and personal-trainer videos available on apps and platforms like YouTube that will get you sweating and smiling, every day you’re at home. We’re talking aerobics, yoga, Zumba and more. So what are you waiting for? Get up and get moving!

3. Learn an instrument

If you want to get your creative juices flowing during your staycation, consider picking up a new hobby, like learning an instrument. Dust off that old guitar or piano and start tinkering with it. Again, you can head online for inspiration and guided tutorials, or if you have a music theory book lying around, now’s the time to finally open its pages. Trust us, there are few things more rewarding than learning a new skill that brings you joy and fulfilment. 

4. Experiment in the kitchen

Are you a fan of home-cook Nigella Lawson? If so, take a page out of her playbook (or should we say cookbook) and get experimenting with food in your home kitchen. You can watch her videos online for ideas, or read one of her cooking books. And if you have other home-cook materials you’d like to consult, you can use them as inspiration too. After a few sessions with the whisk and pressure cooker, who knows, maybe you’ll find cooking is a passion of yours. 

5. Catch up on your reading

There is something particularly relaxing about reading a good book. The pages can transport you to a fictitious world, or get you lost in history. They can teach you about amazing discoveries, and artful approaches to life. Whatever type of book tickles your fancy, set a date with it during your staycation, and fall in love with literature.

This staycation just got a whole lot better

Are you feeling pumped for your staycation? There are plenty of exciting ways to spend your time at home, but these five ways are definitely our favourites. So enjoy! And when you’re ready to head into the world again and go on vacation someplace new, consider our beautiful, furnished holiday homes. For more information, get in touch with us at shannon@vacationletting.co.za.

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