Fun and festive DIY Christmas crafts to display

‘Tis the season to get festive and start decorating. What better way to blend your love for the holidays with some homemade handiwork! Not only can you spend quality time with loved ones, but you also get to display some creative novel pieces of art. So, get out your craft kits and clear your tabletops – it’s time to get busy with DIY Christmas crafts!

Get crafting

Spending time at home has never provided better ideas for creative staycations and now, ingenious ways to create DIY Christmas crafts. To prepare your area, there are some basic things you will need to get ready: have a clear working area, a hot glue gun, press stick, a plastic craft mat or a sheet of cardboard to protect your work area.

Next, rummage through your storage cupboards if you have any old Christmas ornaments you are happy to upcycle. Great items to keep aside include baubles, strings of Christmas lights, wrapping paper tubes, leftover Christmas ribbon and greeting cards.

Celebrate with an iconic shape

Among the many symbols associated with Christmas, one of the most recognisable shapes has to be the tree. With some creative repurposing and a keen eye for decoration, you can showcase a special display.


The age of snail mail may be long forgotten, but the sentiment is still just as heartwarming. For those who have collected and stored old Christmas cards, time to get them out. A fun idea is to stack cards in a tree shape formation. Start with a long line of cards at the base of a bare wall, and slowly add another line of cards on top. As you ascend, decrease cards until you achieve a triangular shape reminiscent of a tree.

Taking the same concept, you can create a mobile of the same shape. Use ribbons and old doweling to create a hanging frame. Cut the first piece into 20cm, then add an additional 5cm of length to each piece as you cut (you can make the tree frame as wide as you want to accommodate your cards). Then, take a long piece of ribbon, about two metres, and fold it in the centre. This will create the main centre suspending the doweling. Hot glue the ribbon strip together, placing the shortest doweling near the fold. Work your way glueing the ribbon and doweling in equal measure to give a basic tree shape. Once done with glueing, take butterfly clips and clamp cards either side of the ribbon on the doweling. Suspend the ribbon and admire your notes of Noël propped up like a tree.


A simple but revolutionary idea – using your Christmas books and shelving to create a tree shape. If you are a bookworm with a vast number of colourful books, try to keep your selection to the red and green coloured book covers. If you want to display a variety of book colours, this is also a great idea. Place a fewer number of books on the topmost shelf and add more books on the shelf underneath. Continue to do this for the height of your shelves or bookcase. Place them in a fanned display, with the spine pointing out. In between the books, place pieces of bottle brush, pinecones and little Christmas ornaments or trinkets. Your household book lovers will delight in this whimsical display.


You can continue the festivities into the heart of the home: the kitchen. Take out old tart pans and stack them upside down from largest to smallest to create a tiered, metallic tree display. For those who have embraced the mason jar trend and have many lying around, this next one is for you! Take an odd number of mason jars and fill them up with sweeties, tinsel and baubles. Then, secure the lids on. Start lining the jars either in a pyramid formation or a simple tiered display. Try three on the bottom, stack two above and then place one on top. Secure bottoms of jars to the surfaces and lids supporting jars stacked on top with press stick. You now have an enticing mason jar tree full of Christmas goodies.

Advent calendar 

One idea is sure to keep your family excited: a matchbox Christmas advent calendar. You will need 25 matchboxes all together. Separate the boxes into a group of nine, then seven, then five, three and a single box for the top tier. Cover these groups together with wrapping paper and hot glue them securely. Write the dates of December on the box base and fill them with small sweets and trinkets. Each day, someone will pull out a box and receive a surprise.

Wreaths and rings

Another well-celebrated holiday display to get crafty with – a wreath. Take a sturdy piece of cardboard or styrofoam and cut into a large ring, if you can’t already find a large craft ring premade. You can create any arrangement with baubles, lights, candy canes, pinecones or old Christmas ornaments. For a larger than life piece, take a hula-hoop and wrap twine around it to create a netted web look. Weave pieces of greenery, decorations or pin cards on the hula-hoop frame to make a one of a kind display.

Delight in your dècor

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful time creating these DIY Christmas crafts and arrangements. For more information on how you can spend more time with family and friends by book a self-catering holiday, contact us.