How to forward-think your family holidays

We know you’re spending most of your time at home these days. But the good news is, this too shall pass. And you’ll be back on the horse and in the travel spirit in no time. So, why not be productive over the next few weeks and plan your next big bash with the fam? Or better yet, why not develop a slick and sophisticated formula for planning family holidays so that from here on out, the process is a breeze? And you can just focus on the fun part. Luckily, we’ve already jumped the gun on this one and started the formula for you. So, all you have to do is check it out and make it yours. (And while you’re at it, explore our scenic accommodation spots.)

Plan your family holidays in 5 simple steps: 

1. Choose your holiday destination

First and foremost, decide where you want to go on your family holiday. Sit down as a group to discuss the type of trip you’d like and name some possible destinations. For example, you might find that a relaxing few days at the beach is what you all have in mind, so you can start looking at ‘hot spot’ beach locations and available accommodation in those areas.

2. Plan your budget

Once you’ve agreed on a destination, the next step is to settle on a budget. Family holidays can be amazing at any budget – as they say, it’s the people you’re with that make it worthwhile. But when it comes to accommodation and activities, it’s wise to have a budget in mind so you can choose ones that are suitable for your financial situation. When planning your budget, ask yourself the following question: Do we want to go the all-inclusive package route, or the self-catering route? There are pros to both. All-inclusive means a once-off payment upfront so you don’t need to constantly be thinking about expenditure, whereas self-catering means you can save considerably as you can pick and choose what to spend your money on each day. Learn more about the benefits of self-catering holiday accommodation. 

3. Pick your dates

You can enjoy family holidays year-round, though the destination may influence when in the year you want to go. For example, beach holidays are arguably best had in summer when the weather is hot and the sun is shining. Another important factor to consider is school holidays and annual leave. If you have children, find out when they have school holidays and try to plan your holiday and leave around those periods. Once you’ve worked out when would best suit everyone, you just need to settle on dates.

4. Book accommodation and flights

The research part of planning your family holiday is fun, for sure, as you get to explore exciting activity options and beautiful accommodation. However, at this point in your planning process, you should be locking in that holiday home and booking flights, if necessary. It is always wise to secure your holiday residence in advance to guarantee its availability, and save on the cost of flights if you have decided on holiday location and dates. 

5. Get your holiday checklist ironed out 

So, now that the logistics are all taken care of, and you’ve sorted out the payments, you can sit down with your family and have fun writing a checklist of activities for you to take along on your adventure. You can research tourist attractions and sites in the area, and decide as a group the must-dos, should-dos and could-dos of your trip. We recommend you include at least five activities under each heading. For example, under must-dos, you might want to add watersports if you’re travelling to a beach destination. Your should-dos might include local cuisine and historical sites of relevance. And your could-dos would then be the extra activities that you would like to get to if you find yourselves with extra time. (Click here for St Lucia activity inspiration.)

Have you got your family holidays waxed?

Planning family holidays can be a breeze when you follow these simple steps. So, if you’re thinking about going away later in the year with your home crew, why not kick off the process today? And if you decide on Mossel Bay, St Lucia or Amanzimtoti for your holiday destination, we’ve got some beautiful holiday homes for you to consider. 

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