How to plan your group travel friend-cation

We all love family getaways and romantic one-on-one trips with our significant other. But you have to admit, there is something particularly great about travelling with your mates. You can be yourself 24/7, and do whatever you want to do because odds are, your best friends have similar interests to you. It’s no wonder group travel is a growing trend! Got a girls’ getaway or a bro trip coming up soon? If so, get ready – we’re about to drop some wisdom.

Plan your trip like a pro:

Organising a holiday with your buddies shouldn’t be stressful, it should be exciting! Follow these steps for a seamless planning process.

Step 1: Pick a time and place

First and foremost, sit down as a group and discuss where you’d like to go, and when you would all be available. You might want to head overseas, go camping someplace close by, or maybe you’d like to explore your country and get to know it a bit better. A domestic flight to Cape Town, for example, is quick and ideal for large groups. And you will have access to the gorgeous Garden Route – a fantastic group travel destination, full of places to explore and activities to experience. If you’re interested in the Cape for your holiday, check out the Garden Route itinerary we put together of highlights to visit along the way. 

Step 2: Find accommodation

Once you’ve settled on a time and a place for your trip away, research places to stay in the area. For a large group, self-catering accommodation offers numerous benefits. It’s typically more cost-effective and can add another interactive element to your holiday. Cooking in ‘teams’ can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve got a kitted-out kitchen to play with. As luck would have it, we’ve got plenty of beautiful self-catering holiday homes for you to consider. For example, the Bridge in St Lucia is an ideal spot for group travel – it’s large, spacious, sleeps four people, and has a fully-kitted kitchen. Discover more self-catering holiday homes.

Step 3: Plan group activities

And now for some fun! In your group of friends, pitch ideas for exciting activities you can do in your chosen holiday destination. If you’re a group of daredevils, Mossel Bay presents many thrilling opportunities, like sky diving and shark-cage diving. If your group prefers chilled activities, Amanzimtoti beach is a great place to lay back and veg out (and perhaps catch a tan). And St Lucia, you could say, is a best-of-both-worlds location, offering thrilling animal sightings and relaxing boat rides around the wetlands. Learn more about what to do in St Lucia

Step 4: Plan self-catered meals

After ironing out the details of your group travel expedition, it’s time to organise the meals. You can plan a roster with the names of your friends and what they will each need to bring for cooking and preparing meals. Just be sure to include any dietary requirements in your food planning – for example, if you have a vegan friend, bring along some vegan meal options.

Did someone say friend-cation?

We did! And we’ve hooked you up with some great tips that will make your group travel experience one for the books. For accommodation in Amanzimtoti, Mossel Bay, and St Lucia, get in touch with Vacation Letting at  

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