Romantic getaways: inspiring ideas away, at home

The month of love is soon upon us. While travelling away for any romantic getaways may not be a possible option at the current time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the experience of a fun escape. Whether you are celebrating with a special someone, kicking off “Galentine’s” with your gal pals, or choosing to socially distance, you can still share the love. To keep you and your loved ones occupied, we have curated this guide to make this year’s Valentine’s Day still as special as ever.

Light up your love with these fun ideas

Celebrating love or gathering to honour the loved ones in your life is a habit so human, it can seem near impossible to avoid. However, with our list of alternative romantic getaways and ideas, you’ll be busy keeping up with all the activities planned. For future days at home and other ideas, explore our list of staycation ideas you can try out.

Awesome activities and adventures await

When you consider it, just about every experience has evolved to suit the needs of staying at home or in socially distanced space. To be more specific, the world has gone virtual! While we wait it out until the better days to go exploring, start your expeditions online. You and your loved ones, with a stable internet connection, can visit a virtual museum, stream an online concert or even solve your way through a virtual escape room. 

Another favourite pastime, sharing a movie together. Gather up the blankets, popcorn and dim the lights to share in a cherished or funny film. As a fun challenge, mute the audio and add your own dialogue. For those wanting to share the experience with those away, you can still watch a film together with apps and websites

Give the gift of a thoughtful night-out in

For a whole look and theme, create an immersive experience from the comfort of your home. 

Virtual holiday

The basics of this idea are simple (and fun!). Choose a destination where you have always wanted to go on holiday, or a place you wish you could revisit. Decorate your home with flags, signage, bring out props and colours that make you feel like you are there. Dress the part — where a hat, a costume and anything that makes you feel like you are a part of your theme. The fun part — food. 

Find recipes and dishes that give the smell and taste of enjoying your destination. Wanting to be at a carnival? Make popcorn and candied apples. Want to go on holiday to Mexico? Create guacamole and nachos. You’ll have a blast whipping up the best tasting ideas. To top it all off, add an audio or visual experience. Select a playlist or background white noise to set the atmosphere. There are so many Youtube channels dedicated to immersive 4k tours, you are bound to stumble across something perfect. Want a Scandinavian adventure and soar through Sweden? Yes please. So get cooking, creating and your space will transform into your dream Valentine’s Day holiday experience. 

Backyard camping

For those wanting more of an outdoorsy affair, this is stuff of childhood excitement. Get out your tent, gazebo or construct a makeshift fort. Set up picnic blankets and sleeping bags to get cosy. Pack a picnic, sit around a small fire or a small camping paraffin cooker and roast marshmallows. Share stories, watch the sunset and enjoy all that your backyard has to offer. For something truly out of this world, download a constellation app, dim your lights and stargaze. You’ll identify stars, planets and maybe learn something you didn’t before. Spending the night in awe and wonder while safe? Valentine’s goals unlocked.

Celebrate and stay safe

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Valentine’s with these alternative romantic getaways. For ideas on alternative holidays and self-catering ideas, contact us.