Will you travel the world? Plan your trip in 10 steps

Is it your dream to travel the world? Perhaps you have a few destinations in mind that you’ve wanted to visit since you were a child. Or maybe you’re just curious to see what wonders lie across the sea. If you’re ready to take the plunge and book the trip of a lifetime, follow these steps for a seamless pre-adventure process. (And remember to book your South African travel accommodation through Vacation Letting.)

travel the world

What to do before you travel the world:

1. Choose your locations

So, where do you want to go? Before you book anything or plan any activities, you need to know where you’re going. Start off your travel process by writing up a list of all the places you want to visit. And don’t hold back for practicalities just yet. If you’re thinking pyramids of Giza, the Sydney Opera House and Disneyland Florida, jot down those locations. No place is too far or wide when you plan to travel the world.

2. Plan your route

Okay, now for the practicalities – planning your route. Travelling from one place to another can be tiring (especially if your flights are overnight, and happening every few days, for example). When determining where to go from where, consider global direction, i.e. travelling from east to west. This will save you flying over great distances back and forth across the world, and will help a lot with the jetlag. We recommend travelling continent by continent, covering all the places you want to visit on one piece of land, before moving on to the next.

3. Decide on a time frame

Also important to know in advance is how many weeks or months you plan to travel for. This will help inform your destinations and travel route. For example, if you have a month to work with, you can plan where to go in that time and for how long, perhaps spending a week or so in your top few locations.

4. Consider your budget

You knew this was coming! Your budget should completely inform your trip. So before you go crazy booking tickets and accommodation, decide on a budget and plan your adventure from there. Remember, a smaller budget doesn’t have to mean compromising on destinations. It might just mean that you need to book economy flights and cheaper accommodation.

5. Check your passport

This is an essential step. Without a valid passport, you ain’t going anywhere! Visas are an extra expense and as you may be aware – can cause complications. If you don’t have an international passport, it’s best to do your research beforehand so you can predict how long the visa application process will take, and factor this into your trip planning.

travel the world

6. Get vaccinated

Being healthy should always be a priority. And as you’ll know, in today’s world, certain vaccines are necessary for travel. Before you travel around the world, get clued up on the countries you will be visiting and arrange to have any vaccinations required or recommended.

7. Get travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is the responsible thing to do. Remember to request yours in time for your trip, covering everything you need – like health costs, travel cancellations and lost luggage. And remember, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

8. Free yourself of upcoming commitments

Birthday parties, house warmings, Christmas lunch – whatever events you have coming up, remember to RSVP “No” before you travel the world. And, ideally, as in advance as you can – nothing ruffles feathers more than a last-minute cancellation.

9. Book your tickets

Now that all the admin is out the way, you can book your tickets. Woohoo! Keep your various destinations in mind when choosing flights, and try to book them as early as possible to keep to your budget. You can book accommodation and activities in advance too to make your trip an even more seamless experience. Book accommodation in South Africa.

10. Start packing

When you travel the world, you’ll need the necessary wardrobe. Swimming costumes, shorts, long pants, jackets, skiing equipment, hiking boots – whatever you’ll need, remember to pack it. We know packing a suitcase for a trip around the world can be a daunting task, but if you make a list for each destination, things will be a lot easier (and you’ll be less likely to forget something).

Ready to travel the world?

We all have a dream to travel the world. But why not actually make it happen? If you follow the ten steps outlined above, you can start your adventure off on the right foot – prepared and raring to go!
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