Your essential beach holiday packing list

Panning to go on a family beach holiday later in the year? A trip to the seaside can be so relaxing, but if you’ve left, say, your sunglasses or sunblock at home, the relaxation can quickly turn to panic. So, how do you avoid leaving behind those crucial things that make a family holiday at the beach worthwhile? You make a packaging list, of course! And not just any packing list, but the king of all packing lists. Thorough and specific, from cozzie to underwear.

5 Beach holiday packing essentials: 

1. Clothing for day and night

First on your list is the clothing you’ll want to wear while you’re away. Think about the weather, the sort of activities you’ll be doing and length of time you’ll be on holiday, and pack accordingly. If you’re going to the beach, odds are, it will be summertime. So, be sure to pack your T-shirts, shorts, baggies, summer dresses, skirts, rompers, and swimming costumes (of course!). And if you’re planning to go to dinners or events, you may wish to pack some smarter clothing too, like button-up shirts and a pair of long pants. 

If you’re concerned about the weather getting a little chiller at night, then remember to pack a jersey or jacket to pull on as the sun goes down. And don’t cheat your feet. Packing a pair of slops, a pair of walking shoes and a pair of smarter shoes should do the trick. You should also pack your favourite cap or sun hat if you’ll be spending lots of time outside. And last, but not least, is your underwear and socks. Don’t forget to pack those knickers!

2. Personal items

The next round of things to pack are your personal items. We’re talking about those gadgets that you can’t live without, books, camera, music, and self-care items like your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, moisturisers, hairbrush, hair-ties, charger and adapter, and water bottle. Did we leave anything out? Essentially, you’ll want to make sure that all the items you use daily are on holiday with you, because if they aren’t, you’ll surely notice. And when it comes to self-care, trust us, you’d rather pack too many things than too little.

3. Beach-activity gear and games

So, this one’s rather important, and depends on your hobbies and family preferences. Consider how you’ll be spending time at the beach. Will you be sunbathing? Swimming? Snorkelling? Will your kids be making sandcastles and exploring little rock pools? Whatever you’ve got in mind, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the kit. For example, if you plan to snorkel, you’ll be packing your snorkel (obviously) and goggles, and maybe even a pair of flippers. If your kids are going to make sandcastles, you’ll be packing buckets and spades. Also, consider larger objects, like your surfboard, kayak, and family boogie boards. Will you be needing these? If so, pack them! And don’t forget about sand sports items like your frisbee and volleyball. If you’re a keen angler, you might want to pack your fishing rod too.

4. Beach kit

What would a holiday at the beach be without an umbrella, some beach towels, and a few camping chairs? We all want to enjoy ourselves at the beach, so having a proper beach kit on hand can make the experience all the more pleasurable. Be sure to pack any ‘comfort’ items you may need, and, of course, an ample supply of high-SPF sunblock! Also, consider packing a cooler bag for your drinks and snacks. We’re sure the whole family will love having beach refreshments available on those hot, sunny days.

5. First-aid supplies

Safety first! Be sure to include some first aid supplies in your beach holiday packing. Items like plasters, antiseptic, aftersun cream, painkillers, and muscle rubs can go a long way in making your family trip run smoothly. It’s better to pack medical treatments for minor aches and scrapes, so that in the event of illness or injury, you don’t need to worry about trying to find a chemist.

Are you keen to get packing for your next beach adventure?

We know how much fun a family holiday by the sea can be. So, we bet you can’t wait to get packing! Take a look at our beautiful beach holiday homes and make a booking for later in the year.


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